Mastering is the final polish that brings out the full potential of your music. Your audio is carefully fine-tuned to add clarity, punch, volume, depth, and much more. A group of songs can be made to sound like a cohesive unit. Volume levels and tonal characteristics from track to track can be optimized. Clicks, pops and other unwanted anomalies can be removed.

In addition to our affordable rates, we are committed to providing the best possible experience for every artist. This means working with every client to achieve not just a "commercial" level of quality, but also the specific sound they're looking for.

The Facility

Acoustik Musik, Ltd. was designed with the best possible acoustics in mind. We have a cathedral ceiling in our main mastering room. Our walls are 12 inches thick filled with fiberglass and featuring offset isolated studs. The concrete floor is 8 inches thick and our monitors rest on solid granite plinths that weigh over 150 lbs each. Our studio was designed by Don Mitchell of DSM and Associates in Brunswick, OH and is featured on his website . We take pride in knowing that what you hear in our studios will sound good anywhere you listen.

Hourly Rates
Signed $75
Unsigned $45


First you should contact me about your project (hopefully well in advance of what you need it done. I can be reached by Email: tbethel@ or Phone: 440-775-3681. After we've discussed your project you can upload it to our server on DropBox. Then, I'll master the songs and upload audio files for you to download, listen to and approve or request revisions. This communication is usually done through email.


My current turnaround from receiving the files to posting a first version is usually about a week. If you’re under a tight deadline, I’ll do my best to move things around to accommodate you. A rush fee may be added. If you are facing a tight deadline, please let me know in advance.


I prefer to leave some dynamic range to the music.

My thought is that the master is your final, archival version of your music, and this should be reflected in the sound. I want to provide you with a master that you’ll want to hear 20 years in the future, after the loudness wars are a distant memory. It’s a simple fact that pushing mixes past a certain point makes them sound worse, and I really don’t like to do it unless you want it that way. That being said, please let me know if maximum loudness is a priority for you. We are a client based mastering studio so your needs matter.

Preparing Your Files

I can accept WAV or AIFF files for mastering. These should be stereo interleaved files, preferably at 24 bit and 44.1kHz or a higher sample rate. Please don’t limit or put an overall EQ on your mixes, and try to make sure there is no clipping or distortion on them. Also, there should be no reverb or other effects added to the file you are submitting. Leave a little headroom for me to work with. (-3 dbFS should be the maximum peak level) You can upload your files my Dropbox, or send me a CDR/DVDR through the mail. Please prepend the two-digit track number to your file names:
• 01_the_cat’s_in_the_cradle.wav
• 02_Who_are_you.wav
• 03_the_cats_in_ the_cradle_long version.wav
This way I can see the track order without having to refer back to an external document.
Thanks for your business and I look forward to working with you.


$45 per track
• One round of revisions
• 24 bit or 16 bit digital WAV files sent to you via DropBox.
Additional Services
• DDP file for CD replication: $50.00
• CDR master: $50 plus shipping per disc
• 24-bit vinyl-ready side files: $100 per project
• Instrumental versions or different versions of the tracks: $25 per track
Payment can be via PayPal, check, or money order. You will be invoiced after you’ve approved the mastering job. I require payment in full before I deliver the final files.

Find out how we can meet your needs!